Welcome to SOSTSL's Educational Website! We currently offer three (3) online opioid awareness assignments to assist you in educating your students about the dangers of using opioid painkillers casually:

1.  Opioid Awareness Workbooks

Our free Opioid Awareness Workbooks, designed for 8th to 10th-graders, are ideal projects to complete during the SAMHSA’s Annual National Prevention Week, which this year will be held from Sunday, May 10 through Saturday, May 16, 2020.

These workbooks, based on true stories about victims of America’s 20-year Opioid Epidemic, provide critical facts about opioids and opioid addiction, including the dangerous and destructive cycle of Opioid Use Disorder (OUD) and Dopamine Deficiency. They are produced in pdf format for online access to the hyperlinks embedded within the text. Upon completing the reading assignment, you can print out and distribute the quiz and certificate-of-completion for each of your students.

2.  Victims’ Virtual Memorial

Our Victims’ Virtual Memorial provides students the opportunity to learn more about an individual victim of the U.S. Opioid Epidemic, through tributes posted by family members where they share the talents, passions, and achievements of their departed loved ones. This Virtual Memorial enables students to discover traits and qualities that they have in common with the victims— who were once also healthy, smart, compassionate teenagers with loving families, hopes, and dreams. These tributes help students recognize that anyone is susceptible to opioid addiction and overdose, including themselves if they are not careful.

3.  Resource Page

Our Resource Page provides essential information about various aspects of opioids, opioid addiction and America’s 20-year Opioid Epidemic. Once students review the materials provided, they can complete the following projects for a chance to win a scholarship:

  • Individually, compose Opioid Awareness Essays for submission to the June 2020 Annual SOSTSL Opioid Awareness Student Scholarship Competition. The Prize Fund is $250 for first place and $150 for second place. Register as a teacher on SOSTSL today to obtain competition guidelines.
  •  As a class, using smartphone technology, produce an Opioid Awareness Video for submission to the October 2020 SOSTSL Annual Classroom Scholarship Competition. The Prize Fund is $1000 for first place, $500 for second place. Register as a teacher on SOSTSL today to obtain competition guidelines.


5.  Partner With Us

We appreciate the time you’ve taken to visit our SOSTSL Educational Website and appreciate any comments and suggestions you have to improve our educational outreach efforts. We welcome the opportunity to partner with teachers to advance our mission of protecting youth and their families from the harm that can arise from using prescription opioids casually—including the dangerous and destructive cycle of OUD and Dopamine Deficiency.

We appreciate your input. Please contact us with any comments, questions or suggestions you may have.


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