Dolores Beverly Streiter

Taking care of people is at the heart of Dolores Strieter’s 20-year career in
Workers Compensation. As a Claims Examiner, she provides compassionate
care and expert guidance in assisting claimants and clients through a
wide variety of workers’ compensation claims including those that are
complex or sensitive.

Dolores has always been an organized multi-tasker with strong
communication skills. On any given day, she is juggling several claims, corresponding with multiple physicians, policyholders and billing
specialists in order to resolve each case in a fair and timely manner.

Dolores’ success as a Claims Examiner is due to her strong analytical skills.
She specializes in processing highly complex and technically difficult workers’
compensation claims and has successfully resolved high exposure
claims involving litigation and rehabilitation.

Dolores consistently ensures that the ongoing adjudication of claims comply
with service expectations, industry best practices and specific client service

When Dolores is not working, she enjoys spending time with family and
friends, attending concerts, and researching her Nordic and Celtic ancestry.