David Lopez

David Lopez is an Automotive professor at Fullerton College who instructs students in the repair of automobiles. David believes the work he does helps students gain knowledge in the technical area of the automotive industry that will help them provide for themselves and their families.

David graduated from high school and joined the Navy. He is a Vietnam Veteran and most of his enlistment time was maintaining the operation and repair of the ship’s boiler. This gave him mechanical skills that would be helpful in the future. He then attended college to study automotive technology and majored in Automotive Technology. One of the instructors saw great potential in him and offered him a part-time position teaching an Isuzu Industrial class.

He has worked in the automotive field for 22 years with General Motors car lines and trucks, Isuzu, Honda, Mazda, and Ford. He was offered a teaching position as an automotive instructor at Sonora High School where he taught for four years.

His reputation as a dedicated instructor brought him to the attention of Fullerton College where he was offered a part-time position and one year later became a full-time instructor. David has been a Department Chair/Coordinator and is now the senior automotive instructor with 24 years of teaching experience.

David is dedicating the last few years of his career to teaching, counseling and advising his students on career-paths to further their educational goals to the highest level.