As a grassroots organization, “Sharing Our Stories To Save Lives” board members serve as volunteers during their tenure. With backgrounds as teachers, civil servants, grant administrators, and business executives, our leadership team has extensive experience in organizational management, budget administration, and community outreach. With the shared values of teamwork, compassion, courage, and integrity, our leadership commit their time, talents, and energy to the advancement of SOSTSL’s mission of protecting American youth and families from the destructive cycle of Opioid Use Disorder and Dopamine Deficiency.

Founder & President

Clarissa Bartolini Toro is the Founder and President of Sharing Our Stories to Save Lives, Inc.TM She began SOSTSLTM after losing her only child, Clarissa “Renee” Kingsland, to an opioid overdose on March 28, 2019.

Clarissa retired in 2005. Prior to this, she had a rewarding career as a civil servant that included 17 years in public service for the City of Anaheim, CA, where she received local and statewide recognition for developing several innovative educational campaigns that produced concrete results for Anaheim’s culturally diverse communities.

As a Neighborhood Services Specialist for the Community Services Department, she facilitated the City of Anaheim’s Interfaith Religious Community Council; identified issues and opportunities for improving blighted neighborhoods; collaborated with City staff, residents, property owners, and educational personnel to provide a wide range of services to community residents; planned, implemented and scheduled community meetings and special events; and provided feedback and recommendations concerning proposed Community Development Block Grant Funding.

As a Public Education Program Specialist for the Anaheim Fire Department, she administered an annual budget of $105,000; supervised program staff; prepared state-mandated analytical reports; coordinated various community outreach programs, including Learn Not To Burn; Heartsmart CPR, NFPA’s Community-wide Fire Drill and Spark of Love Toy Drive; wrote and secured a $200,000 traffic safety grant; and developed and presented training on ‘Implementing Effective Public Education Programs to Culturally Diverse Communities” at a statewide California Integrated Waste Management Board Conference.

As the City’s Used Oil Program Grant Manager for the Anaheim Fire Department, she administered an annual budget of $200,000; prepared state-mandated analytical reports; supervised program staff; and implemented strategies that reduced the illegal dumping of used oil throughout the City by 27%.

Clarissa also served as Chairwoman for Orange County Fire Chiefs’ Public Education Subcommittee and was an active member of the SAFE KIDS Coalition of Orange County, the Anaheim Rotary, the Anaheim High School Advisory Committee and the North Orange County ROP Business Technology Advisory Committee.

Renee & Clarissa
Clarissa with her Mom & Dad

July 26, 2001 - O.C. Register
Clarissa, Public Education Specialist
Anaheim Fire Department

Our Teams

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